Saft is the world leader in the manufacturing of nickel-based and primary lithium batteries for industrial use.

The company’s products are marked by state-of-the art technology and environmental sustainability and they are especially suitable for large-scale as well as specialized applications, such as the aerospace and defense sectors.

Saft is a global Group operating worldwide, with 14 manufacturing plants across the world and more than 4.000 employees.

The company has been founded in Swiss in the first decade of XX century (the name is an acronym standing for “Société des Accumulateurs Fixes et de Traction” – Fixed and Traction Accumulators Company) and started its productive activities – focused on nickel-based batteries for industry and storehouse trolleys – after the end of WWI.

Saft’s best-selling products are nickel-based batteries, primary lithium and new-generation lithium-based batteries and battery systems.

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Saft Batteries: in the air, on land, and sea

The lithium-ion battery system (Saft Li-ion Super Phosphate - SLFP) will be integrated in the hybrid propulsion systems for the polar research vessel “RRS Sir David Attenborough”, commissioned by UK’s Natural Environment Research Council and currently under construction.

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