Emerson Electric

Emerson Electric Company is one of the world’s leading players in the industrial sector, manufacturing products and providing engineering services for a number of different markets.

Founded and headquartered in Missouri, US, Emerson has more than 100,000 employees and 205 manufacturing sites around the world.

The company started with the production of electric motors and tools, later gaining a leading position in many different fields, such as the oil & gas, thanks to a tight and consistent acquisition strategy.

Some of the major brands acquired by Emerson in recent years:

  • Pentair Valves & Controls

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Emerson announces the acquisition of GE Intelligent Platform Business

Further step in the unstoppable path of strategic acquisitions undertaken by the American automation giant Emerson Electric, which will add to its product portfolio the General Electric's Intelligent Platforms PLC technologies.

Summer in the industrial automation world – Some quick updates

Aventics is now part of Emerson • Pietro Fiorentini acquires a segment of Baker Hughes’ Natural Gas Solutions business • GE - Balloki Power plant completed

Rockwell acquisition – MISSION FAILED!

Emerson offered $ 29 billion for the acquisition of Rockwell Automation stock option package, but Rockwell refused, once again. After the refusal (the third), apparently Emerson has given up.

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