Chauvin Arnoux

Chauvin Arnoux is the European leader in measurement portable tools.

The company was founded in France, at the end of the XIX Century, and since then it has become an important player in the specialized field of measurement for electrical and physical quantities.

In 1927, the company invented and patented the firs “Universal Controller”, a seminal version of today’s multimeter.

During the following decades, Chauvin Arnoux continued to design, develop and produce testers and detection devices more and more advanced, obtaining many industry awards and playing an increasingly important role in European and worldwide industrial scenario.

Currently, Chavin Arnoux is an Industrial Group encompassing two brands, Chauvin Arnoux® and METRIX®.  The group best-selling products are electrical testers, machine and equipment testers, thermal cameras, oscilloscopes and multimeter clamps.

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Chauvin Arnoux launches a new line of environmental measurers

The new product range includes six different models: one luxmeter, one thermo-anemometer, one thermo-hygrometer, and three different contact thermometers.

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