Beckhoff Automation

Beckhoff Automation is a manufacturer of automation technology.

Established in 2005 following the restructuration of Elektro Beckhoff GmbH, the company focuses on the implementation of open automation systems that use PC based control technologies.

The range of products include industrial PCs, drive technology and software for automation. Headquartered in the west of Germany, Beckhoff operates worldwide and employs 3.000 people.

Beckhoff Automation best-selling products include plcs, servo drives and terminal modules.

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IPC SPS Drives - with XPlanar, Beckhoff introduces the future of machine building

The German company introduced the new XPlanar system, consisting of floating plates, which move freely over a surface of tiles. It is likely destined to leave its mark, by transforming the handling of parts, pieces and fluids in the industrial procedures.

Beckhoff: “Trump’s election opens up business opportunities”

Beckhoff Automation's Managing Director highlighted how US election's result could represent an opportunity for solid companies operating worldwide.

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