ABB is one of the most renowned brands in the industrial automation world.

The Group is an international leader in power and automation technology, with a presence on 100 countries and about 135.000 employees.

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, ABB was born from a series of mergers, the main of which was, in 1988, the one between ASEA (SE) and BBC (CH), two well-respected companies of the European electrical engineering industry.  The Group’s name is an acronym that put togheter the component companies names:  Asea Brown Boveri.

ABB Best-selling products include drives, motors, circuit breakers, measurement and analytics instruments.

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Covid-19, ABB and Schneider doing their part

ABB and Schneider Electric, two of the prominent names in the industrial automation world, have chosen to give their contribution to society and health institutions for support in the fight against coronavirus.

Intelligent robots for e-commerce – agreement between ABB and Covariant

ABB and Covariant, US startup specialized in A.I., have recently announced a new partnership aimed at developing robotic solutions equipped with artificial intelligence intended for the autonomous management of e-commerce distribution procedures. The two companies share a strong momentum towards innovation and a shared vision in which clever robots work alongside human operators while...

Leadership change at top of ABB

Starting from March the 1st, 2020, the Swiss corporation will be subject to an important change at top. The ABB board has in fact appointed Björn Rosengren as the new CEO of the company, replacing Peter Voser, who will back in his previous role of Chairman of the Board. Rosengren is Swedish and he...

ABB – Farewell to solar business

The agreement is strategic for both companies, for through this Fimer further enriches its product portfolio for the solar segment, which has become since some years the company's core business, alongside the e-mobility business unit (slowly replacing the original Welding Division)

ABB - latest news on organizational structure, CSR and partnerships

The Swiss Group, leader in automation, continues its well-structured growth strategy, not just in terms of sales volumes but also concerning its worldwide reputation, with a series of initiatives increasingly denoting it as a forefront company in social responsibility and in talents’ promotion.

ABB’s latest steps towards sustainability and energy saving

The Switzerland-based company, leader in industrial technology, decisively proceeds in its path oriented towards energy saving and a rationalization of consumption, even in non-industrial fields.



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