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Leadership change at top of ABB

Starting from March the 1st, 2020, the Swiss corporation will be subject to an important change at top. The ABB board has in fact appointed Björn Rosengren as the new CEO of the company, replacing Peter Voser, who will back in his previous role of Chairman of the Board. Rosengren is Swedish and he...

Gefran, shares’ value rising again after recent decline

Rollercoaster for Gefran’s stocks, now on the rise after the extremely negative trend recorded in recent weeks. The recovery seen in the last few days is nevertheless a positive signal and seems to confirm – at least for now – the forecast of Gefran’s management.

ABB – Farewell to solar business

The agreement is strategic for both companies, for through this Fimer further enriches its product portfolio for the solar segment, which has become since some years the company's core business, alongside the e-mobility business unit (slowly replacing the original Welding Division)