Nidec ASI

Nnidec-answer-drivesidec Industrial Solutions is one of the world’s leaders in manufacturing of electric motors and drive solutions.

Headquartered in Japan, the company is part of Nidec Corporation, it has a global presence and employs more than 3200 people.

Nidec Industrial Solutions gained its leading position in the industry thanks to a series of strategic mergers and acquisitions: the list of companies that compose Nidec Industrial Solutions includes Emerson Motor Technology, Avtron Industrial Automation and Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali – an illustrious Italian brand which is now the driving force of Nidec ASI.

Nidec Industrial Solutions best-selling products include drives, encoders and brushless motors.

If you’re interested in Nidec ASI and other manufacturers electronic products, send us your enquiry or take a look to our list of brands.

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