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Intech Automazione visits the DHL hub in Bergamo airport

The meeting has been organized to allow the major DHL customers to learn more about the facilities and the procedures of the company - one of the world's leaders in shipping logistics - and took place expressly in the evening in order to allow participants to observe the structures in their operational phases.

Intech Automazione turns 30!

The company has officially established on April 5, 1989, when Giuseppe Ceresa and Paolo Pirota decided to create a small commercial company focused on the sale of industrial automation products in Italy. Now, about to turn 30, Intech Automazione is a successful grown-up with an enviable position, a series of significant assets and a...

Collaborative robots, FANUC's new leap forward

During the MWC 2019, Fanuc and the Italian companies Exprivia | Italtel and Cisco presented the outcome of their partnership: the cobot FANUC CR-4iA.