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Intech Automazione auf wlw.de

We believe in visibility, but we focus on quality instead of quantity, knowing that our target audience is made up of skilled professionals that look for competent interlocutors. In order to do so, they rely on trusted and respected resources, such as the German website Wer liefert Was (What we do), an authoritative B2B...

Diversity&Inclusion 4.0: let’s welcome our new robotic co-workers

At the beginning of June 2017, Yaskawa has launched the new collaborative robot MOTOMAN-HC10 onto the market. Effective and labor-saving (and fully compliant with the laws of robotics), this evolution of the MOTOMAN industrial robots line marks a milestone for Yaskawa as well as the entire industrial sector.

Saft Batteries join the army

The Australian Army chose the company’s lithium-ion batteries for supplying military equipment and the most advanced devices used in critical situations.